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Top Online Foodstuff Stores In Nigeria

Online Foodstuffs Stores in Nigeria

As I said, life is getting easier every day. Now we can buy what we need from online foodstuffs stores in Nigeria.

Gone are the days when shopping on eBay, Amazon, and a few other websites which was the only option, this means one has to shop with a credit card or PayPal while Nigerians keep waiting for delivery, or shopping in the US OR UK. Delivery addresses and many have to wait for delivery, but at short notice, Nigerians can shop online cheaply and cheaply here, and even pay for shipping to stores in Nigeria.

We review the top 10 online foodstuff stores in Nigeria for easy access to food, customer service, customer satisfaction, and foodstuff delivery.


Hello food offers different types of clothes, computers, and groceries on the menu. Its office is located in Lekki, Lagos, and provides catering services to a number of restaurant chains across the country in which they operate. Local dishes such as Akpu, Fufu, Iyan are available as well as pizza, cake, and spaghetti. You can open an account for free and pay cash on delivery.


Dealdey is a wholesaler, offering great value products and a service that you can always be satisfied with. Their office is in Ikoyi, Lagos. They sell clothes, shoes, and equipment.


An online supermarket where you can buy groceries, books, office supplies, groceries, and home appliances. The website offers free shipping on orders over 8,000 Naira in cash and from ATMs or various credit cards.


Olubrookln Foods Limited with the website is an online food marketplace where they connect foodstuff vendors/sellers with buyers. Olubrooklyn Foods looks to when Nigerians can buy their foodstuffs without having the need to go physically to a store to buy it. They also have their own range of seafood products they sell to all classes (low, average and high) of people. These products ranges from crayfish, grounded crayfish, prawn, assorted fish, etc.

6. is an online supermarket and grocery delivery service in Nigeria. You can order any range of groceries with them and get it delivered the same day. They are into foods, drinks, toiletries etc. You can also buy goods in bulk


Kaymu is based in Lekki, Lagos, where properties such as jewelry, vehicles, appliances, computers, and cell phones are registered. The payment methods on the website include bank transfers, cash on delivery, and online payments. A great advantage of Kayma is that they also offer a large number of sales ads.


Taafoo offers fashion, cell phones, computers, and many other gadgets. It has offices in Oregun, Lagos, and transports goods across the country. This site is protected by Comodo and Veriseal.

MyStore offers its customers a secure online shop. It offers gift transportation and grocery shopping on its website, which displays items such as cell phones, fashion products, electronics, and home appliances. His office is on Idimu Egbeda Street in Lagos.


At its best, but in second place on the list, Konga competes with takeover points at Surulere, Ikea, and Victoria Island in Lagos. Konga sells computers and accessories, electronics, household, and kitchen appliances, and books on security services and 256-bit encryption are available in Nigeria.

Jumia is at the top of the list because they have a lot of products for sale. The easy-to-use website features Comodo Security Products, which lists products such as cell phones, electronics, fashion, wine, and computers. Headquartered in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria and the site platform is very efficient where you can take advantage of free delivery or icons.

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